You came across one of our webinars or our LinkedIn page and you’re wondering “what is StudioHub” and more importantly “how can they help me in my journey in venture building”? Well, we’ve got you covered: here you can find all the essential information about us …

Global Perspective

StudioHub is the largest community of Startup Studios and Venture Builders worldwide. Our mission is to empower and enhance the Startup Studio Ecosystem raising its awareness across the globe. When stakeholders are not familiar with the model and its benefits, it takes an effort to bring them into investing in, working, or partnering with Studios. We want to make this process easier. 

StudioHub aims to create a network, by providing Studios with an opportunity to learn from, benchmark each other and get to know what other venture builders are doing to succeed. At the same time, StudioHub wants to be a centre of knowledge on venture building. To reach these gigantic goals, we need a clear plan. With trials and errors, we ended up with a list of opportunities we can give to our network. Our ambition is to make this list longer and more effective with time.

Main pillars of the platform: Knowledge and informationBusiness opportunitiesCapacity building and Global network.

Worldwide Community

StudioHub Network is represented by its worldwide community and the platform which empowers, supports and connects that community consisting of mainly: Startup Studio Founders, Startup Studio Experts, Investors (individuals and organisations), Corporates, Venture founders and CEOs (current and potential), Serial and Parallel entrepreneurs, Talent and other Partners. 

Our community has an outreach of the entire globe connecting about 420 Startup Studios worldwide and over 2000 members (the majority of them are organisations) in total. 

In terms of geographic engagement the most active communities are: United States, Western Europe, MENA, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia.

We have community coverage also in such countries and geographies as Canada and Oceania. If any venture building activities start also in Antarctica we will make sure to have representation also there.

Startup Studio Mastermind Center

StudioHub facilitates content creation by the community and for the community. Bringing together all possible industry players we aim to engage them in a “Playground” of Success and Growth.

Accumulating data, information, knowledge and expertise from the A Studios we share it back with the community in the form of: 

  • Data analysis and benchmarks
  • Startup Studio theoretical and practical knowledge
  • Business opportunities (Talent, Investment, Clients, Partners)
  • Best expertise and success stories
  • News and updates from the industry, trends and developments

Some of StudioHub Network resources are accessible to everyone: spreading the word about the Startup Studio Model in the world is part of our mission so we try to enforce our publicly available information.

  • Our blog: Here you can find original articles about the industry.
  • Our newsletter: Where you can find news and updates on the industry.
  • Events: webinars with industry leaders, preeminent professionals and field experts; targeted roundtables & thematic discussions.
  • Videos on Youtube: our series Seeds of Success and highlights of webinars
  • Networking between Studios: our LinkedIn group with more than 650 people. 

Premium Membership

Then we have our premium members. They support our work, and we give them access to all the public resources and in addition to selected features. So, what does StudioHub offer to its premium members? 

Data, Knowledge & Expertise
  • Market intelligence: 1) the most extensive industry report. In 2021 we published our first data report on the industry, and our goal is to have a new one every year.  It gives our premium members access to up-to-date market data to include in their pitch to give substance and data to support their case with investors. It also gives a clearer picture of the state of the industry: benchmarking with other Studios and learning from the mistakes of everyone else. It also allows new Studios to understand the budget, the processes, and the different types of models in detail. 2) there are ongoing researches and data which are shared with members. 
  • Knowledge & Guidance: fundamental documents such as 1) standard terms sheet recommendations with founders – allows Studios to avoid mistakes in deals with founders and avoid losing extra money 2) terms and conditions for the fund’s constitution – allows Studios to set up initially proper governance and save money and effort 3) series of templates of firms that have already raised funds, 4) pitch decks & etc.
  • Shared Expertise: 1) best practices and advice from experienced studios in written documents 2) matchmaking to the studios who can share legit knowledge and data
  • A pool of theory: 1) our premium members can access the recording of all previous and recent webinars, roundtable discussions and other events 2) access to the pool of various Startup Studio related theory and practices such as whitepapers, articles, research papers and so on.
Brand awareness, Networking & Talent development
  • Networking between Studios and other Stakeholders: matchmaking introductions to other stakeholder communities and individuals to source or/and attract investment, talent, expertise and other business opportunities. 
  • Talent postings, introductions, sharing the announcement externally with target audiences and in some cases Talent sourcing.
  • Brand awareness throughout the Network channels, also dedicated Articles and highlights covering member activities.
  • Communicating Studio best practices and value proposition to a large number of stakeholders outside the Startup Studio Network

And that’s all of it! For the record, all the content is constantly being refreshed and added up by new data, information, knowledge and business opportunities for the members who renew their subscription.

If you’re interested in becoming a premium member, you can click this link. If not, we are still interested in helping you grow. Your growth is our growth. To help the ecosystem flourish follow us on LinkedIn and join our LinkedIn group!


Chiara Casale

Currently – Finishing my Bachelor’s Degree in Polytechnic of Turin in Management and Engineering, while exploring the world and new opportunities. 

Not planned – Recently found out that I enjoy writing about innovation and the future of business and entrepreneurship.

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