Our Story

StudioHUB is a worldwide network of Startup Studios and Venture Builders. Born in Europe it currently has the largest coverage within the region. 

Being passionate about the Startup Studio model our mission has become dissemination of its concept and facilitating the knowledge around the globe. We preach to deliver model’s know-how among beneficiaries and stakeholders of the community and create growth opportunities among them.   

Envisioning the Network as an ultimate global focal point in the venture building ecosystem and megamind center for its members StudioHUB aims to Enhance, Empower and Inspire the company creators and innovative community by: 

  1. Growing together as venture builders - sharing startup studio knowledge and the best expertise;
  1. Growing together as Model - collecting and developing new learnings, data, contents, market intelligence about the Model;
  1. Growing together as an Ecosystem: facilitate networking, business opportunities between the community members and stakeholders across the ecosystem: venture builders, founders, entrepreneurs, investors, talent, corporates, VC, incubators, accelarators and all other parties involved in the venture building process.

To achieve these goals StudioHub brand activities include:


Community benefits


Manush Melkumyan


Chiara Casale


Julian Ritter


Associate Partner at Stryber

Alex Maleki


Advisor at IdeaLab

Elliott Parker


CEO of High Alpha Innovation

Farhad A. Mohammadi


Founder and CEO of Mamazen

Ritesh Tilani


Founder of Enhance Ventures

Studio Hub  – Turin, Via Bossolasco 11 –– VAT IT12435970012