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If this is your first journey in the Startup Studio world, you're probably facing a common challenge: to get your Studio some fast growth.

But - as you probably verified by yourself - while there is plenty of material and resources about launching and nurturing a single startup, and acknowledged experts in the field, there is almost nothing about Startup Studios.


So, where could you find all the know-how you need?

Too young, too hungry, too foolish

The Startup Studio model is less than 30 years old. 

That’s why, compared to many other businesses, there is very scarce literature about it: it’s something just too recent and disruptive to be found on mainstream channels. 

So, if you want to learn it by the book, you can’t learn it from books. 

Best practices exist, but you have to know where to look for them (and skim them from fake Guru’s trash).

Am I doing it right?

Even if you found some reliable guidelines, you probably keep wondering if you’re sticking with them appropriately.

Unlike in the startup business, you can’t even compare yourself to others – because most of the time, there is no “others”: yours is probably the only Startup Studio in the area.

And what about experts? You probably can tell the names of 10 to 20 acknowledged experts in the startup field, but when it comes to Startup Studios, this number dramatically decreases. And that’s not necessarily because you’re unaware: real Startup Studio experts are limited.

You keep asking “am I doing it right?”  But nobody can answer. Sounds familiar? You are not alone!

Enough is enough


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I'm a new Studio

With our support, you can set-up and grow, explore further opportunities, expand your network, enhance your skills – is to say, manage your enterprise in the best possible way with the existing resources and by using customised tools and services.

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To set up any business one needs basis and guidance: roadmap, tips, success stories and more covered by the studio fundamentals delivered from field experts.


Market intelligence is the key driver to the smart decisions: an annual data report will cover main characteristics of the worldwide Studio market focusing mainly on Europe.


Every month, we host an Ecosystem leader sharing his knowledge with the community. As a member, you have access to all the Studiohub webinar recordings


Finding lifetime partners for business is a headache especially when you need specific expertise. Talent calls for studios will be shared by StudioHub channels accessible for perfect profiles.


Efficient Network is the shortcut to success. Request based and general introductions to studios, investors, experts and other players will be organised to fulfill relevant needs.


Entering a new game one needs to know the other Players, but most importantly they shall get to know the new entrant. We will make your introduction to the Network and share your news.

You're not alone

It’s hard to fight a battle if you think you’re the only one on your side.

But you’re not!

Here and there, hundreds of Studios have risen (and are still rising) all over the world. StudioHUB is born to connect them and make them stronger together.

To help the startup Studio Model gain momentum, give our members unique insights and data and build a strong network, we:

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