The Value of Startup Studios for Emerging Founders by Craig Kronenberger

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Innovation, skyrocketing to the moon, scale-up, funding rounds and king deals, unicorns, triumphant exits, securing A talent, leadership – these and more buzzwords are what we – founders and entrepreneurs worldwide strive to achieve. But how all of this is relevant to Startup Studios, and how can we succeed in succeeding in them?


Craig Kronenberger has over twenty years of experience as a consumer digital strategist with a concentration in global strategy, new product launches, brands and direct marketing, and consumer relationship marketing for Fortune 500 and growth organizations.

Currently the CEO and founder of Stripe Theory, a data-fueled digital agency established in 2015 with operations based in Atlanta and The Philippines. Stripe Theory was most recently acquired by Acceleration Community of Agencies (ACC) to continue its ever-growing success in implementing deep expertise in data analytics to drive relevant, cost-effective, and impactful marketing results for clients like Amazon, Nissan, and Facebook, among others. 

Built and developed a total of five companies from the ground up in various industries including online digital marketing and public relations, animation, and digital entertainment – three of which were successfully acquired with the most recent one in 2020 with Stripe Theory.

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