Red Pill


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We are a French startup studio that has launched or is in the process of launching 5 different startups in diverse industries.

Red Pill builds start ups from scratch and we bring them to exponential growth. Our focus is on new businesses that can disrupt the Media Industry and the Finance Industry through Data, AI & UX. We build them autonomously or in partnership with traditional champions.We believe that the ideas and projects we focus on should be massive, exponential and do good. We think great ideas become successes only through a ferocious focus on execution. Our mission is to build great start ups that will not need us to become even greater Companies. We think start ups should be embedded in the global economy and not live in a "Tech Bubble"Our team lives and breathes to kickstart our start ups and support them until they succeed.

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Startup Studio
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123 Avenue de Villiers, 75017, Paris, France

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