Kring Innovation

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We are a co-creation platform creating human impact by building new business ventures together with purpose driven corporates and entrepreneurs.

Kring Innovation is a next-gen innovation platform. We leverage entrepreneurial practices, exponential thinking, and partnerships to build new businesses, carve out new paths to growth and enable innovation driven transformation of corporate organizations. Exponential technologies are profoundly changing the way we (have to) conceive, build, organize, lead and grow businesses. We’ve made it our mission to turn this paradigmatic challenge into realized opportunity and growth for companies – big and small alike. As a trusted innovation partner we: design and implement beyond core innovation strategy, develop exponential mindset and leadership capability, innovate, build and commercialize new businesses, and orchestrate and deliver breakthrough innovation programs.What sets us apart is a mindset of making and a soul of collaboration. We can design glossy slides and preach the disruption gospel, but at the heart of what we are and do is tangible business innovation and co-creation.

Studio Type:
Venture Builder
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Ragnagade 7, Copenhagen, 2100, DK

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