Hola Up

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We are a startup studio based on the French riviera, building startups and speeding up innovations for corporates.

Hola'Up is a startup studio that builds startups that matter and speeds up corporate innovation.We build startups from ideation to product, and product to business. We build the necessary elements to allow the evaluation of ideas and their presentation to the market. We validate the traction and feasibility of the idea as well as the essential elements for market. We create and deploy an MVP integrating the processes to treat the customer relationship, the operational and legal needs. We provide growth hacking and market traction assessment to fuel KPIs and forge commercial and financial partnerships. We support pitch deck and business plan optimization for presentation to public and private investors to raise the funds needed for growth.Hola'Up also accelerate corporate innovation. We help corporates quickly assess the strengths within the startups ecosystem. We deploy a pragmatic, ambitious innovation process in line with their ISO approach. We create internal startups boosted by the DNA of our clients and teams guided by experts in digital creation.

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Startup Studio
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930 Route des Dolines, 06560 Valbonne, France

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