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We are a startup factory for talented entrepreneurs who create disruptive solutions to problems applying Artificial Intelligence.

Aipower is a Venture Builder for talented visionaries creating disruptive solutions to real-world problems using applied artificial intelligence technology. We intend to democritise Artificial Intelligence’s power. We create stairtups, develop talent and contribute to a value-added ecosystem.In our program, we bring together talented entrepreneurs to lead our projects from scratch, we provide hands-on mentorship and funding opportunities. We offer all services needed to help the team focus on validating the business model.As entrepreneurs ourselves we understand first hand the needs and challenges of building a startup as well as the importance of 'talent'​ as a key asset.A key part to our projects is to help create and develop applied AI and data science skills in our society via aiSchool. AiSchool teaches using a hands-on, learn by creating approach.

Studio Type:
Venture Builder
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Bilbao, Spain

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