Startup Studio Fundraising: an overview by Attila Szigeti

Startup Studio Fundraising: an overview by Attila Szigeti

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About the Webinar

You designed your Studio to be a real startup-building beast: you hired the right team, you found your niches in the market, you started developing different amazing projects. 

Now you have to bring them actually to life. And to do so, you need the

That’s right: cash, currency, dough, gold, plata amigo. The shiny, tingling, always-flowing blood of the business.

But here comes the pain. Investors don’t really understand what a Startup Studio is about, often confusing with incubators (please, don’t), and why a Studio takes such a big slice of the pie.

They just don’t know why they should invest money with your Studio, rather than in normal startups.

Every Startup Studio would face this very same drama, sooner or later. Probably sooner, considering the costs involved in running a business like that.

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Attila Szigeti, an internationally recognised Startup Studio expert, shares with you some of his outstanding know-how in Startup Studio Fundraising.


πŸ†˜ How much money should I raise?

πŸ†˜ How to pitch my studio fund?

πŸ†˜ Investing directly into the Studio or a separate company, or investing directly into your startups – which is the best structure?

If you have one (or all) of these questions on your mind, this webinar is for you.


About Attila Szigeti

Attila Szigeti is an internationally recognized startup studio expert, author of the Startup Studio Playbook and other publications. Attila started his leadership career at Fortune 500 companies and was COO of the fast-growing startup studio in the CEE area.


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