Press Release: Announcing High Alpha Innovation at StudioHub Advisory Board

“We cannot build our future without helping others build theirs.”

Bill Clinton


StudioHub carries its mission in helping Startup Studios and Venture Builders in their ambitions to launch, grow and scale.
We cannot accomplish this far-reaching vocation without professional support from industry leaders, proven experts, and experienced entrepreneurs. Our Board of Advisors embodies such representation, and today we are honored to announce that the StudioHub Board has to welcome a new, truly valuable member.


Elliott Parker, the CEO of High Alpha Innovation is joining the StudioHub Advisory Board. 

Prior to High Alpha Innovation, Elliott led business design at High Alpha, the Indianapolis-based venture studio; he has also worked in strategy consulting at Innosight, in corporate venturing, and as an entrepreneur to bring new ideas to market. Originally from California, Elliott has a deep entrepreneurial background as a founder, advisor, and investor.Being one of the leading experts in venture building, Elliott will continue to share knowledge and support throughout the Startup Studio Ecosystem on the advisory board of the largest worldwide community of Venture Builders.

“I see a lot of parallels between studios and the early days of VC: those pioneers were not only investing in companies – they were conceiving the ideas and spotting problems to go address out in the wild. Having that flexibility is an amazing benefit of the studio model, and it’s allowing studios to go build things that we would have never imagined before.
Right now, the studio model is benefitting from rapid experimentation, and at High Alpha Innovation, we’re certainly moving that spirit forward: our goal is to launch 100 startups with corporate and university partners over the next five years.”
Elliott Parker

In StudioHub we believe in the Startup Studio model and that with all the high standards set by such industry leaders as High Alpha Innovation, it will surely gain deserved recognition.

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