Why Smart Money is Investing in Startup Studios in 2021 by George Bandarian II

May 26, 2021

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About the webinar

Investors' interest is increasing over the Startup Studio Model; why?
Venture investors are piling into the startup studio asset class. Over $1 billion was invested in startup studios in March 2021 alone!

Join Untapped Ventures Founder and CEO George Bandarian in this exciting talk about startup studios emerging as the future of venture capital.

You'll learn about the advantages studios bring to the ecosystem and how this proven model reduces risk in early-stage startup investing while producing alpha returns in less time.

George makes a bold claim: if you haven't invested in a studio, you will in the next 12 months.

This webinar is a must-attend event for Angels, VCs, Family Offices, and other LPs looking to learn more about this explosive new asset class that's hitting an inflection point in 2021.

About the Speaker.

George Bandarian II is the Founder/CEO of Untapped Ventures; a Startup Studio focused on the Future of Work whose sole purpose is to help people self-actualize and live their best lives through employment.
He is also the Founder and General Partner of the Untapped Ventures venture fund.

George's life purpose is to help millions of people achieve breakthroughs and access their untapped potential - to self-actualize.

About the Author

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