When to move on by Alex Maleki

October 7, 2020

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You always think about her,
you can't focus on anything else,
you can't wait to see her,
you spend all your free time with her,
you stand friends up to stay with her.

It happened to every one of us, at least once: to fall in love with... an idea. 
And to be so enamoured you can't see its flaws - especially when it comes to startups.

But time is the best flaws-seeker: eventually, you'll have to deal with them and decide if the relationship is strong enough. And, if it's not, to let it go.

Seems so easy, but it's not. Many factors are involved, and you could not be objective. Who could blame you? After all, you invested so much effort in making it work!

So, how to understand when it's time to move on? How to decide when to break up with prototyping, and start it all over?

In the webinar, we'll talk right about prototyping and when to move on, with an absolute expert in the field.

Hold tight.

We have the pleasure to host Alex Maleki, Managing Director @Idealab. Yeah, you heard it.

He will share with us how Idealab finds and tests new ideas, and more importantly, when it decides to abandon them.

Oh, you're welcome.

About Alex Maleki

Alex Maleki brings experience in sales, marketing, and law into his role as Managing Director for Idealab where he helps lead efforts on fundraising and recruiting, provides strategic guidance to entrepreneurs, and tests new ideas that can be turned into successful companies. Before joining in 2008, Alex held senior roles for two venture-backed startups focused on enterprise software and services (Net Effect, Mobile Automation), both of which were successfully acquired. He holds a BA from UCSB, a JD from Southwestern University, and currently serves on the boards of Xosphere, Oewaves, Innovate Pasadena, and STEAM: CODERS

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