What is a Startup Studio?

June 19, 2020

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If you googled "What is a Startup Studio?" you're probably new to the topic. Well, you just won a Golden Ticket to ride for a tour in the Startup Factory business. Hold tight to your seat!

What is a startup studio?

A Startup Studio is an enterprise whose product is: startups. That's it, a company that produces several other companies at a time.

Most of the times, the founder of a Startup Studio is a sailed startupper that already brought one of his creatures to a successful exit.

That's because a Studio is an expensive toy, but most of all because founders never have enough of creating companies.

What a startup studio is not

Now, a bell is probably ringing somewhere in your head: you might be thinking this is like a startup incubator or accelerator, but it's not. A startup Studio is the founder of each startup, while incubators and accelerators merely help them grow by furnishing some mentoring, a desk and cool stickers for their scooters.

The Startup Studio Framework

To better understand what a Startup Studio is, the right idea is to start from its unique framework. Which includes:

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In-house ideation

The Startup Studio team scans the market in search of opportunities, then do some brainstorming to find fresh ideas for startups. The startup ideas pass through a pipeline to select those that are more likely to succeed.

Some Studios work instead with (or within) Corporates, creating startups to solve their innovation issues: we call that approach SaaS "Startup-As-A-Service".

A multipotential team

The core team of the Startup Studio is a group of extraordinary multi-skilled people: that's the starting point for each project.

One of the most evident advantages of the Startup Studio model compared to the startup one is that even if a startup project fails, the know-how and the competences acquired by the startup team won't go lost: it will be instead redirected to another startup.

Moreover, with proper planning, you can reduce the costs of the Studio by rotating professionals on different projects when they're needed.

Parallel Entrepreneurship

A Startup Studio allows the creators to build as many startups as possible at a time. That means in parallel, rather than in series. This approach drastically reduces the impact of failure on the whole structure, and that's for two reasons:

  1. if you have many projects running, it's easier to "kill" those that aren't performing before it's too late;
  2. once you do that, you can easily redirect the resources from the sinking project to a more promising one. The show must go on, fellas!


You heard me. Unless when it embraces the Startup-as-a-Service model, the Startup Studio is not just the co-founder of each startup: it is the owner. The Studio keeps for itself a big slice of the pie, and there's no wonder. After all, much of the effort put in building the new company lies on the Studio.

Does the Startup Studio model work?

Numbers say yes. In the early years of the model, there were only eight startups made from Studios. But in 2014, Startup Studios around the world gave birth to 78 startups. Since then, this number has decreased, but the quality of the product and the consistency of the investment has grown.

In 2018 the global amount of investments collected by Startup Studios outreached 4,5 billions of dollars. Let me spell it: FOUR-POINT-FIVE-BILLIONS of dollars.

StudioHUB: the Startup Studio Community

StudioHUB is a community made by Startup Studio people, for the Startup Studio people.

We try to get the Startup Studio model to gain momentum and spread it to the public because we think it is capable of making significant changes in the way people think about entrepreneurship.

You can help us spread it by reading our blog, assisting our free webinars or, for starters, sharing this article!

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