October 17, 2022

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About this webinar

In the webinar series of September 2022, our speakers Ritesh Tilani, founder of Enhance Ventures and Wim Torfs, founding partner in Glowfish Ventures, gave valuable insights on venture building in the MENA region.

About the Speakers

Ritesh Tilani is the founder of Enhance Ventures, a startup studio specializing in online vertical marketplaces that improve lifestyles in the Middle East, North MENA, Pakistan and Turkey (MENAPT). Ritesh is an active player in the Middle East tech ecosystem as an investor, advisor and mentor to multiple startups and at a number of accelerators, such as TechStars and Startupbootcamp.

Wim Torfs is a founding partner in Glowfish Ventures, headquartered in Dubai. He has 20+ years of international experience, mostly in the field of technology venture building, investments and management consulting. Within his role at Glowfish Ventures, he has actively co-founded several leading technology ventures within the Middle East as well as Glowfish Ventures’ technology labs and in-house incubator, creating a portfolio of ventures worth over USD 150m.

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