October 4, 2022

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About this webinar

In the webinar series of June 2022, our speakers Malanee Hutton, Head of Venture Design at Founders Factory Africa,  Lyndsay Holley Handler, Partner and Chief Venture Builder at Factor[e] Ventures and Ndubuisi Kejeh, Founding Partner of Mustard gave valuable insights on venture building in Africa.

About the Speakers

Malanee Hutton, Head of Venture Design at Founders Factory Africa. Malanee has over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry and has held several roles at various leading corporate and investment banks. In her current role, she is an experienced venture builder and innovation specialist working across Sub-Saharan Africa, building venture backable tech businesses and assisting start-ups in catalysing their growth.

Lyndsay Holley Handler, Partner and Chief Venture Builder at Factor[e] Ventures. Lyndsay Holley Handler has over 18 years of leadership and operations experience building social ventures in the energy, agriculture, and fintech sectors in Africa.  Lyndsay was the CEO of pan-African solar company Fenix International, where she built a team of over 1,100 employees to deliver clean, affordable power to over 3 million people. After leading Fenix through an exit to ENGIE, Lyndsay advised high-growth start-ups on the continent and taught venture building classes at the African Leadership University.

Ndubuisi Kejeh, Founding Partner of Mustard. Ndubuisi has been building technology ventures for well over a decade. Ndubuisi is the Founding Partner of Mustard, a ‘venture agency’ that believes Africa’s future image will be largely shaped by the global brands it is able to produce. Mustard’s team consists of engineers, designers and storytellers, who invest their expertise and capital to originate Africa-focused ventures with visionary, veteran and influential entrepreneurs, and realise audience-moving brand narratives with the founders of exceptional initiatives.

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