StudioHub and Consilience Group Announce Strategic Partnership to Optimize Fund Structuring and Fundraising effort for Startup Studios

April 27, 2023

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[Turin, 27.04.2023] - Today, StudioHub and the Consilience Group proudly announce a strategic partnership focused on optimizing fundraising efforts and building the funds of the future for Startup Studios and Venture Builders. This collaboration aims to leverage the power of real-world asset tokenization to streamline and enhance fundraising and investment operations within the industry.

StudioHub plays an active role in bringing together and enhancing startup studios and venture builders from around the world, sharing knowledge and data, identifying growth opportunities, and raising global awareness about the successful startup studio model.

Consilience is a pioneer in unlocking the potential of asset tokenization by offering an end-to-end, white-label solution through its Fungible Asset-backed Security Tokens (FAST) platform. The innovative platform transforms asset management and exchange in the private market, providing increased distribution, liquidity, and transparency. With Consilience Ventures, the company has already launched a deep tech-focused investment vehicle that has invested alongside Village Global, SOSV, Fin Venture Cap, Slow Ventures, Wealth Club, and many others.


The partnership between Consilience Group and StudioHub offers a groundbreaking approach to building funds of the future by leveraging FAST technology. This collaboration will:

This strategic partnership represents a significant step forward in optimizing fundraising and investment operations for Startup Studios and Venture Builders, empowering them to scale and innovate more effectively. By combining the strengths of Consilience's cutting-edge FAST platform and StudioHub's global network, this collaboration will enable startups to capitalize on emerging opportunities while creating greater value for all stakeholders involved.

Through applying the most modern fintech and hitech tools integrated to a built up unified unique platform suggested by the newest technology, partners aim to guide and help studios structure an easy managable fund for engaging effecient resources and maximising their venture building effort. 


About Consilience Group

The Consilience Group is a leading provider of asset tokenization solutions, streamlining the complex process of tokenizing real-world assets through its innovative Fungible Asset-backed Security Tokens (FAST) platform. Consilience delivers a white-label, end-to-end solution that simplifies asset tokenization for various industries, making it more accessible and attractive to investors.

About StudioHub

StudioHub is the largest worldwide community of startup studios and venture builders. Through its global platform dedicated to connecting startup studios and venture builders around the globe with each other and with major players of the venture building ecosystem, fostering industry-wide knowledge sharing, identifying growth opportunities, and raising global awareness of the successful startup studio model. StudioHub is committed to supporting the development and expansion of innovation building companies through collaboration and shared resources.

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