Startup Validation Jam by Jake Hurwitz

March 19, 2010

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How do you take your choices? Do you toss a coin? Follow your heart? Ask Google?

You'd be surprised to know how many people bet on projects on such a basis... But when it comes to startup business, this is a reckless way to proceed.

Luckily, there is a way to avoid wasting energy and resources: getting through a solid startup validation process.

Startup validation - and idea validation in general - is something you have to master if you want to make your way in the Startup Studio business.

You can't just rely on your feelings to know if an idea is worth effort and money: you need data. The startup validation process is the best way to collect reliable first-hand data for your potential business from its future customers themselves.

And that's precisely what our last webinar was about.

But this time, we'll try a hands-on approach: we don't want to tell you how to do it, we want to show you.

Startup Validation Jam

So in the last Startup Studio Webinar Jake Hurwitz - founder and CEO at Parallel - held a Startup Validation Live-Session.

Yeah, you heard me.

Jake picked up a startup idea from our audience's suggestions and validated it in real-time, within 60 minutes.

So if you were wondering how to do the validation for a startup idea: cheers! Here's the answer.

As Jake wrote, "one common reason that many startup ideas stink is that founders focus too much on the idea and not the problem that they are solving". So validation is the only way to put things straight.

Jake Hurwitz

Jake Hurwitz is a designer and marketer, a three-time founder, the former VP of Branding at Boulder Bits, and one of the original Co-Founders of the Global Startup Studio Network.

He's born and raised and currently resides in New York while he runs Parallel Ventures, a consultancy focused on helping emerging startup studios.


Have a look at Jake's startup validation checklist sample HERE

And check out step-by-step guide's slides HERE

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