November 4, 2022

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About this webinar

In the webinar series of October 2022, our guest speaker Farhad Alessandro Mohammadi, member of StudioHub’s Advisory Board and CEO at Mamazen, explains the potential of investments in Startup Studios.

About the Speakers

Farhad Alessandro Mohammadi, CEO at Mamazen, 12 years of experience in the digital field. Previously managed internal and external sales team.

He coordinated sales team as Commercial Director (Exit to Pagine Gialle). Former Co-Founder of Pony Zero, he managed to take the company from zero to 6 million in revenues in 5 years (Exit in 2018).

He founded Mamazen Startup Studio in 2017, the first Startup Studio in Italy. Mamazen, before anyone, imported this business model from the USA to Italy. Business Angel, member of “Club degli Investitori” and “Toniic Investments”.

He’s a member of the Advisory Board of StudioHub.

About the Author

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