June 20, 2023

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When discussing the major need of the Startup Studios many refer to Talent. It is not the key to success of any startup studio, but the keykeeper and the one unlocking any doors towards that success.  

While funding, network, brand, operations may be figured out in especially experienced and fulfilled Startup Studios, the question of finding and keeping the best talent is still a painpoint for absolutely everyone. 

How to attract, retain and leverage talent within Startup Studios? This is the question absolutely all the Startup Studios founders keep asking themselves and the peers. 

And we have invited one of the most experienced peers in the industry to uncover their strategy of sourcing and empowering talent to unleash their best potential.


High Alpha Innovation is the preeminent venture builder working with large-scale organizations. Through a unique approach to incentives, process, and governance, we empower corporate leaders to make bold bets, run quick experiments, and move beyond innovation theater.

As High Alpha Inovation’s Director of Talent, Amanda spends much of her time recruiting executive and founder talent for new ventures and studios. Post-launch, Amanda partners with those founders and serves as an advisor to portfolio companies in all things HR and talent including recruiting, organizational design, headcount planning, compensation philosophy, and foundational HR systems and processes. Amanda’s experience in the venture studio model spans 6 years and over 50 company launches during her time at High Alpha and High Alpha Innovation. Before her time at High Alpha Innovation, Amanda lead recruiting and talent in b2b SaaS start and scale-ups. Amanda is a graduate of Indiana University and resides in Indianapolis

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