Raising funds from Capital Venture by Gianluca Dettori

January 28, 2021

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About the webinar

Having smart and innovative ideas is fundamental to start any business, especially if you want to launch your startup. Still, it’s not enough.

The market dynamics show that every business needs to raise funds to promote and finance all the activities they will start in the future. If you want to survive and make your startup grow, you should know how and where to find the funds (aka big bucks).

A financial environment insider might be just right for you, but how can you find and persuade them to help your enterprise? Well, we have already done it for you.

In our next webinar you will be able to speak and learn more about raising funds, how you may find them and some tricks of the trade taught by an insider like Gianluca Dettori, Chairman of Primomiglio SGR. Primomiglio is an investment company authorized by the Bank of Italy operating in early-stage venture capital. He has launched Barcamper Ventures a technology venture fund and Primo Space that invests in the new space economy; both projects raised respectively 45 and 80 million.

How should you prepare to raise capital? How does venture work? The webinar is about approaching the venture path to grow a technology-driven startup, what to do and what to expect from venture capital, besides capital.

Key points: in this talk, we’ll discuss

About Gianluca Dettori

Gianluca Dettori started to operate as an angel investor in 2003, funded and co-founded several startups (im3D, Sitonline, Urbissimo, Banzai, Liquida). He is active with over twenty investments in the Internet and software sectors including Sardex, Kiver, Seolab, Mangatar, SmartRM, Vivaticket, Eco4Could, Viamente, Ciceroos, Cortilia, Iubenda, Mapendo.

In 1998 he founded Vitaminic, a leading European company in digital music distribution in Europe. Legally licensed rights to distribute digitally a catalogue of around 500.000 digital music tracks. Through the Iuma acquisition, Vitaminic established itself as the second-largest online artist community worldwide.

In 2003 it was a takeover by Buongiorno SpA, later acquired by DOCOMO Digital.
Gianluca has worked in the Internet sector since 1994 and in the startup and venture field since 1998. Gianluca is a Fellow of the Kauffman Society and the BMW Stiftung Foundation. He’s an advisor of the European Commission in the “Future Internet Accelerators” project.

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