Press Release: Sharon Klaver Joins StudioHub Advisory Board

March 8, 2023

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Builders to help build further StudioHub World community: Sharon Klaver, Founder and Managing Director of Builders is joining the StudioHub Advisory Board.

We are excited to announce our second beautiful addition at StudioHub Advisory Board in 2023 and welcome Sharon Klaver among the industry leaders supporting our worldwide community.

Sharon Klaver is a seasoned entrepreneur and the Co-founder and Managing Director of Builders, a startup studio based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. 

She is dedicated to developing software companies that are shaping the future of work and living.

The Advisory Board of StudioHub constitute industry leaders and prominent experts who provide guidance and support to its worldwide community. Board members support StudioHub's mission by bringing together startup studios and venture builders and help them achieve their ambitions, as well as raise awareness of the studio model.

"Sharon is undoubtedly a sophisticated version of a startup studio leader and manager. We need a solid base in the venture building expertise and that needs to be shared not only by visionaries but by structured shapers of the industry in the first place" shared Manush Melkumyan, CEO of StudioHub expressing her excitement to have Builders represented on the Advisory Board. "Builders is one of the aspiring pioneers in the European startup studio ecosystem and I am thrilled they are going to be represented at our “wisdom council and help us build further our thriving worldwide community"

StudioHub is a global movement of startup studios and venture builders around the world, enabling access to the relevant industry resources.

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