Press Release: Ritesh Tilani Joins StudioHub Advisory Board

June 28, 2022

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Ritesh Tilani, Founder of Enhance Ventures is joining the StudioHub Advisory Board.

StudioHub's mission is to bring together startup studios and venture builders by helping them with their ambitions and raising awareness of the model. Working towards this goal is an ongoing effort, and StudioHub needs all the help it can get: we cannot accomplish our mission without the guidance of our Board of Advisors.

Today StudioHub is honoured and humbled to announce that the Board has welcomed a new member. Ritesh Tilani, Founder of Enhance Ventures, is joining the StudioHub Advisory Board.

We strive for the global representation of our Advisory Board and coverage of venture building diversity. MENA is one of the hotspots of venture capital and venture building. So the pioneers in the region and veterans in the recent startup studio wave will add immense value to our organisation’s venture building wisdom. Enhance Ventures is a startup studio specializing in the future of finance and commerce in the Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan and Turkey. Before launching Enhance Ventures, Ritesh was Head of UAE at iMENA Group, a leading regional VC and operator of online businesses. Ritesh is an active player in the Middle East tech ecosystem as an investor, board member, advisor and mentor to multiple startups and at a number of accelerators.

Being one of the leading experts in venture building, Ritesh will continue to share knowledge and support throughout the Startup Studio Ecosystem on the Board of the largest worldwide community of Venture Builders. 

At StudioHub, we believe in the Startup Studio model. With industry leaders such as Enhance Ventures paving the way, the model will surely gain the recognition it deserves. 

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