Press Release: Announcing StudioHub' Advisory Board

February 12, 2021

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Three high-level managers with vast sector experience like Alex Malexi, Farhad Alessandro Mohammadi and Julian Ritter will join StudioHub’s Advisory Board.

The community of StudioHub was born 2 years ago but it’s growing really fast. In only 2 years it has become the largest community of Startup Studio in Europe and one of the world’s biggest. StudioHub is the North star for the European startup studios ecosystem and proves how mighty this’ phenomenon is.

StudioHub’ mission is to create a better environment for venture building and bringing value to Startup Studios worldwide. After hosting a series of webinars with industry leaders such Jake Hurwitz, Fabrice Grinda, Leonard Bukenya, Mauro Maltagliati, Martin Bell, Michael Van Lier, Attila Szigeti, Alessandro Santo, Alex Maleki and Julian Ritter; now StudioHub has a special announcement.
Three professional profiles with diverse experience and achievements in the venture field like Alex Maleki, Managing Director at IdeaLab (the longest-running world Venture-Builder), Farhad Alessandro Mohammadi founder and CEO of Mamazen (the first Italian Startup Studio), and Julian Ritter, Associate Partner at Stryber (one of the most prominent European independent Studio) will join the StudioHub advisory board to help to manage and co-direct the activities.

Alex Maleki is one of the most outstanding professionals in the venture-building ecosystem; Alex worked at two venture-backed startups focused on enterprise software and services (Net Effect, Mobile Automation), both acquired. Currently, Alex is the Managing Director at IdeaLab, the longest-running technology incubator, with over 150 companies with more than 45 IPOs and acquisitions.

Farhad A. Mohammadi with 12 years of experience in the digital field, 7 of which as an entrepreneur, and a successful exit with his former startup Pony Zero, Farhad is Mamazen’s founder and CEO. Mamazen is the first Startup Studio in Italy, founded in Turin in 2017. It creates startups from scratch analysing the market needs. With an intense validation process, it launches them into the market.

Julian Ritter is an Associate Partner at Corporate Venture Builder Stryber. He’s a passionate entrepreneur and former strategy consultant. After his time with Bain & Company, he joined Stryber, one of the largest independent corporate venture builders in Europe that has validated hundreds of business models and built many corporate startups in Germany and Switzerland.

Manush Melkumyan, the Executive Partner at StudioHub, comments: “I’m thrilled to welcome all the members on board. With its exclusively versatile expertise and valued knowledge, StudioHub Board will be the guidance of wisdom to accompany in the growth Journey of Studios.”

StudioHub: is a worldwide network of Startup Studios and Venture Builders whose mission is to facilitate the knowledge and know-how sharing between its members.

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