Mastering the Art of a Startup Studio

January 24, 2022

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Behind every Masterpiece, there is a Muse.Behind any great thing, there is an inspiration.

It’s already the end of the first month of the New Year - 2022. Perhaps, most of us have completed planning a vision for the year in written or other forms. However, not seeing immediate results, regardless of our tremendous efforts, may hold us back from moving forward, even while understanding that significant change wouldn’t be possible only in a few weeks. It’s a timeless dilemma. Our human nature drives within us an urge to see results from the seeds to plant new seeds or continue growing the product.  At the same time, our rationality tells us that we need time to harvest it or else wise, it should take a miracle.

Since we are entrepreneurs, and even though dreamers in most cases, perhaps we are not inclined towards magic that comes from the outer world. But more than any miracle, we need motivation. And to always stay motivated, we need to be inspired. So inspiration is our miracle. 

As entrepreneurs, we need the inspiration to do our best. To do our best, we will have to be inspired. So, what is our best? 

We strive to create something which will be our best piece of work, our masterpiece. That’s what motivates us. That’s what keeps us going. That’s what drives us to create and build continuously.

The key in the Startup Studio, unlike Startups, is that they don’t seek to create something which is the most efficient compared to the others within the marketplace. Instead, Startup Studios endeavor to create a process or a result that is their most successful so far. So the founders’ and entrepreneurs’ goal within startup studios is to exceed themselves. 

And the lifetime goal of all the Venture Builders or a Startup Studio is to create their very own Masterpieces. 

These days modern art masterpieces are being created by digital tools or robots. NFTs as a vivid example for that. So why can’t the Startup Studios create a masterpiece?

As the name of this model hints, Startup Studios are like the Studios of individuals or groups of artists who are constantly in the process of creation aiming to their masterpieces. There is a constant search for the best way of creating, doing, building things. And while we know there is no one best way, we desire to find our best one perfecting tools, processes, structures, concepts, assistance such as the team, partners, and investors. 

We cannot achieve our best work in an instant. And as much as the starting Studios aspire to produce results like the ones by the leaders of the industry, who have been building ventures for more than a decade, they have to be also realistic and understand that it is simply not possible. It takes one step to get from zero to one, and it takes a million steps to get from zero to a million, as one of my fellow friends in the StudioHub network mentioned in our recent conversation.

If you have a kid or know kids, you know what I am talking about: would you expect a three-year-old kid to eat the meal on their own, sing or dance perfectly, even speak perfectly?

Of course, unlike human growth, which is also changing its pace throughout the centuries, we can replicate the steps that the leaders have previously validated. Nevertheless, it is impossible to create that masterpiece only six months after setting up the studio. So a piece of advice to the new Studios on behalf of StudioHub: “be patient and never stop striving towards your masterpiece, and most importantly keep a “lighter” at hand to always be able to fire your inspiration”.

And one of the great sources of inspiration you can seek anywhere, but more importantly among alike. So, where do you find them? Right, within a society of people who are artists like you. In our case, it is an established Network, which members may not necessarily share your vision. However, they will surely recognize the language of art you are talking about - venture building. You may use varied techniques, tools, styles, and models, but you will at least know to which art you are referring.

Our inspiration as a Network uniting Venture Builders worldwide and other ecosystem players are people who have Built or supported those Builders.

We speak to hundreds of Venture Builders in the beginning, middle, or peak of their Startup Studio Journeys. Some haven’t yet started their journey or have changed the course of their strategy switching their entrepreneurship model for some reasons that we are keen on discovering.

Every conversation can be a source of inspiration, a way to a new journey, an insight into a new idea. In one of the past months, I had an inspiring conversation with one of the people within the network. That conversation inspired me to write this article and maybe some others to come.

Talk to each other, people, these conversations may not necessarily give you many insights, but they will undoubtedly give you sparks.

On a final note, to Master the Art of a Startup Studio, one shall remember that:

About the Author

Manush Melkumyan

Manush is currently the Executive Partner at StudioHub. Prior to this, she has been working in the top management in the Corporate and earlier in the Public sectors with 10+ years of engagement within the Startup ecosystem as an entrepreneur, mentor and consultant. “Life more than anything amazes me and I aspire to animate everything around!” M.

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