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June 9, 2021

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Data is the new oil and gold. In fact, it is the reliable guide to locate a mine and start mining for gold.

Startup Studios are yet an undiscovered mine for entrepreneurs, investors, corporations, and talent. To discover the gem, one needs to understand its characteristics, parameters, and previous success stories from pioneers and current diggers. Yet, information available is scarce and little information is spread to those unaware of the value.

Simply put, there is not sufficient data available for Startup Studios which makes it difficult to both attract and understand the attractiveness of the new Entrepreneurial vehicle. To resolve this dilemma, three questions in particular crowd my mind.

Question 1: Do we need such considerable attention to an industry where miners are prospering but struggling as well?

Why not? After all, if there is a great potential for success, why not explore it with joint efforts?

And additional questions are: What will happen when the Startup Studio model booms? Why not keep this opportunity only to ourselves? And so on…

But let’s delay this discussion in detail for later, better occasions.

And now let’s concentrate on Data mining.

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Question 2: Why is there not so much data?

First off, reasons for the data dearth are the absence of extended academic and other fundamental resources. With entrepreneurship and well, for all the industries and disciplines in general, the academic knowledge is based on long, dense history. And for Startup Studios, even though the Startup Studio Model trajectory is comparatively long (Idealab pioneering in 1996), the Model is just getting traction.

With the Model emerging extensively nowadays, experts and advisors are regarded as genius expeditors and sherpas for this growing industry. With only a few scholars researching the field for academic purposes and the Startup Studio Founders and talent actively engaged within building, growing, and scaling ventures, the accumulation of chrestomathy describing the Model is being crafted bit by bit.

Since the topic is hot, a growing number of articles and other writings are in the queue. However, metrics and numbers are still lagging behind. Results and performance preps behind the stage cannot immediately be brought upfront, so it takes time before the statistical data is available. Also, most of the Studio insights in a global picture are available only to Studio Founders: Studio talent is often specialized in one area such as finance, missing all the other aspects such as processes or talent management. If you want to conduct your own research, many questions have to be covered. However, carrying out in-depth interviews is not always possible and fitting everything in one questionnaire is not always feasible.  

Question 3: Why do we need market intelligence?

Well, this was exactly the outset of our article, remember? And in practice it will give us Studios multiple and diverse perspectives of what we shall strive to achieve, how we can position ourselves in the eyes of prospective partners and what value we can add on top of already existing?

How are we Elevating Data for Startup Studios

At StudioHub, we endeavour to introduce the best content and components to help Studios grow. We share both resources and best practices within the Startup Studio Ecosystem and preach the value of Startup Studios worldwide to spread awareness. And the best way to do this? By showcasing the disciplined processes and tools as well as groundbreaking results Studios produce.

So, we are giving birth to the most extensive practical Industry Report shortly. In total, we took approximately 800 entities worldwide into account with their entry information. Out of those, around 400 companies were identified as Startup Studios following one of the classical operating models. Interviews, introductions, and general discussions have been carried out with this community. Moreover, we collected general data with over 50 and detailed data through dedicated interviews with over 25 Startup Studios.

Along with quantitative data to gain an overview on the Ecosystem, we refer to Best Practices throughout the report to cover some comparatively new players that succeeded at building solid Networks and gaining strong position and reputation in their respective markets.

Our Premium Members will get full access to its content while everyone else can have a glimpse of the outline. Wait for new updates and some useful content.

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About the Author

Manush Melkumyan

Manush is currently the Executive Partner at StudioHub. Prior to this, she has been working in the top management in the Corporate and earlier in the Public sectors with 10+ years of engagement within the Startup ecosystem as an entrepreneur, mentor and consultant. “Life more than anything amazes me and I aspire to animate everything around!” M.

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