Launching a studio in a post-COVID world - with Jake Hurwitz

June 11, 2020

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It seems like Christmas arrived early this year: we're already releasing the next StudioHUB webinar, and you really can't miss it.
After founding Jack Spades, his brand new Studio, Jake Hurwitz is right back to talk about Launching a Studio in a post-COVID world.

Why something like that? Well, if you think everything's just going back to normal, here's your cold shower: it's not. The world has changed forever.

But this isn't necessarily a bad thing, as change is the perfect fuel for startups, and this could be the ideal moment to concretize the launch of that Startup Studio of yours.

Indeed, the Startup Studio landscape has been turned on its head ever since COVID hit. 

Raising a fund has never been so difficult. Yet, talent acquisition has never been so easy: this has had a profound impact on the Startup Studio business models that are positioned to thrive in the coming years. 

Join Jake Hurwitz, former Co-Founder of GSSN and now partner at Jack Spades Startup Studio, as he shares his recent learnings and research by working with dozens of studios over the last few months. 

Webinar's key points:

We'll focus on:

and much more. 

This webinar will get you a taste of what we're cooking here in StudioHUB. We're going to activate a premium plan of consultancies with the best Startup Studio Experts in the world: it goes without saying that Jake is one of them.

About Jake Hurwitz

Jake Hurwitz is a designer and marketer, a three-time founder, the former VP of Branding at Boulder Bits, and one of the original Co-Founders of the Global Startup Studio Network. 

He's born and raised and currently resides in New York while he runs Jack Spades, a corporate innovation Startup Studio.

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