Investing in Startup Studio: Studios’ structures explained by Farhad A. Mohammadi

November 17, 2021

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About the webinar

Our next Startup Studio-related conversation will be around structuring a Studio. During the upcoming session, the first Italian Startup Studio founder will provide an overview of the different Studios’ structures.

On top of classifying Studio types, the webinar will also focus on the advantages and disadvantages of investment based on those different types.

This formative and proficient event will bring you inside quite a practical topic with specific examples combined with Farhad’s long-term expertise. This is an attractive opportunity to increase and explore a little-known but essential topic about Startup Studios.

We invite all aspiring or active Studio investors, Studio founders, and other people interested in this entrepreneurship model to join us and learn more about the industry in a free webinar!

About the speaker

Farhad Alessandro Mohammadi is the CEO at Mamazen, 12 years of experience in the digital field. Previously managed internal and external sales team.

He coordinated sales team as Commercial Director (Exit to Pagine Gialle). Former Co-Founder of Pony Zero, he managed to take the company from zero to 6 million revenues in 5 years (Exit in 2018).

He founded Mamazen Startup Studio in 2017, the first Startup Studio in Italy. Mamazen, before anyone, imported this business model from the USA in Italy.

Business Angel, member of “Club degli Investitori” and “Toniic Investments”.

He’s a member of the Advisory Board of StudioHub.

About the Author

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