Ideas Take More Than Love to Succeed

February 15, 2021

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They say “all we need is Love” to succeed in life and this eternal search for Love always goes on. Women are dreaming of their perfect date, men are facing the hazards of planning those while all we can dream of here in the innovation ecosystem are our marvelous ideas, our beloved ones, the ones we want to spend our working hours and entire spare time on.

We desire their realisation, imagine the day they are backed up sufficiently with proper funds, with the beautiful teams evolving around them, and last but not the least, the final customer validating the value proving it wasn’t in vain that we had spent sleepless nights restructuring everything to get the ideal setup. As if we are anticipating a perfect “Valentines’ dinner” to celebrate the night of success.

Connection with own ideas is pretty much similar with everyone in the Startup environment, while it’s much harder to be in Love with ideas within a Startup Studio, ‘cause instead of one idea, you have multiple “lovers” to take care of. You have to smartly redistribute and dedicate resources to every single one of them, at the same time be loyal to all of them. Of course, you shall prioritise based on the stage of the relationship, but what if they sometimes switch priorities without asking you? Yeah, this also can happen, like when you are preparing for an exit of one of the ventures and then unexpectedly your newly recruited CEO of a fresh venture achieves validation in a month or so and you understand you have to direct most resources there.

Another difficult choice is pivoting your ideas which may feel like twisting them to match the market perfectly or an even harder one - ditching them. Most of the ideation in classic Venture builders is data-driven or comes with the EIRs and founders. However, if it’s mainly you, the lead actor who generates those wonderful ideas, it may be dangerous not only for the ideas and the Studio but also for yourself.

When falling in Love with an Idea be careful not to fall off track.

If you are extremely in love with your ideas, and even worse obsessed with them, you may become too jealous and play a one-man  (a one-woman) performance because you won’t trust others to “get closer” to them. You may also be reluctant to transform them for improvement even if you get contradicting results. This is more typical for the startup founders, however, it may equally apply to the Startup Studio ideation and venture building processes.

Of course, one in a million is able to reach the Space in this rocketman show (and I am not referring to specific well-known entrepreneurs) but on the account of personal health, exhaustion of resources and focus only on work. Even if nothing is sacrificed and in such a way you feel fully satisfied and content you will maybe end up sacrificing people that look up to you and, or to your ideas, but they also want to be trusted so they are supportive in co-ideation and co-creation instead of opening a way for you and holding your cape while you’re carrying the Holy Grail. Because in this case, you’re killing the innovation not only within the minds of people around you but also blocking its spreading in the world, which in the end is one of the derivative missions of Startup Studios.

So those Startup Studio founders are the smartest and perhaps lucky who have created an environment where the ideas are being improved by the best advisors and implemented by the perfectly structured funnels. After all, ideas are beautiful, but what matters is the beauty of the results they produce.

And as a final note, February with its Valentine's day celebrations always reminds me of the importance of supporting lovers. So cheers, all idea lovers out there, love and take care of the subjects of your affection including your ideas, but make sure to build proper relationships!!! And perhaps, unlike personal relationships, it’s not about loyalty in this case rather than perfect execution.

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Manush Melkumyan

Manush is currently the Executive Partner at StudioHub. Prior to this, she has been working in the top management in the Corporate and earlier in the Public sectors with 10+ years of engagement within the Startup ecosystem as an entrepreneur, mentor and consultant. “Life more than anything amazes me and I aspire to animate everything around!” M.

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