March 14, 2022

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If you are raising capital for your startup studio you may want to know how to leverage this entrepreneurship model with an efficient financing structure.

Within the scope of the StudioHub webinar series, we recently held a Roundtable session hosting the industry experts. We have invited experienced and growing studios to share their expertise and practices in raising capital under the Startup Studio Model.ABOUT OUR SPEAKERJeremy Burton, Co-Founder and CEO at Platform Venture StudioJeremy Burton is a 10x serial entrepreneur and has enjoyed building startups for over 30 years since his first company at age 14. Over his career, Jeremy has worn many different hats, spanning engineering, product design, corporate development, sales, and venture investments.Most recently, he co-founded Wonolo, the leading on-demand staffing company, where he served as CTO and board member.Michael van Lier, Founder & Managing Director at BuildersMichael is an entrepreneur, innovator, and tech evangelist dedicated to empowering the next wave of tech entrepreneurship.He has been founding tech companies for two decades. Michael started his first online company in 2000, at 17 years old. Later, he founded and exited multiple software and cloud-oriented companies which he grew by acquisition and organic growth.Farhad Alessandro Mohammadi, Founder and CEO at Mamazen12 years of experience in the digital field. Previously managed internal and external sales team. He coordinated the sales team as Commercial Director (Exit to Pagine Gialle).Former Co-Founder of Pony Zero, he managed to take the company from zero to 6 million in revenues in 5 years (Exit in 2018).Jorge Cabaço, Founder at SHARE Algarve, CMO at DengunDigital Marketing Professional, Consultant, Advisor & Entrepreneur with 15 years of business, agency & startup leadership, growth marketing and board roles across agencies, business associations, chambers of commerce, and digital strategy for many clients throughout Portugal and abroad.Recent activities include the creation of Algarve's high profile SHARE Algarve - International Marketing and Innovation Conference, the Algarve Tourism Conference, and The Investors House.

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