April 20, 2020

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Innovation fears no virus: StudioHUB is calling for a CEO-only roundtable to find and share solutions to the emerging issues together.

"Stay home, stay safe". This Steve-Jobs-alike mantra has been repeated billions of times from balconies, on streets and through media of every kind.

On top of that, in some countries, like Italy from where I'm writing, governments ordered the lockdown of "non-essential" activities.

If you have a typical job, this probably isn't too hard for you: you have to sacrifice some comfort (depending on which place you live in and what's your relationship's situation), but once this is over, you'll pick up your stuff and come back to your life.

Things sound a bit different if you are an entrepreneur: every minute passing without working clinks like a coin on the bottom of a dry well. That is a hard truth, especially if you're working with startups.

In fact, to stay alive, a startup must keep moving - especially on an early stage, when expenses usually exceed gains.

But you know, finding new ways is our bread and butter: let's prove it.

Startup Studios and Startups can be the pathfinders for the rest of the world, tracking a new way out.

On April 14, 18:00 CEST

and every two weeks since then, we are organizing a roundtable with Startup Studios' and startups' CEOs to face the problem and find strategies to get out of this crisis together.

We will face common issues and do fast problem-solving (as we always do), to find an answer or few to the following questions:

Each roundtable is limited to 10 CEOs to keep the discussion agile.

We all have a problem: that's clear.
If you want to be part of the solution, join us here.

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