Are you building the appropriate Start Up Team? - by Mauro Maltagliati

September 2, 2020

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About the webinar

Every single investor will tell you that team is the most critical thing in Startups, but only a few will help you out building the ONE team you need to make your project strive and grow. 

We will!

Team Building is real alchemy: something capable of turning an average startup into solid gold.

But, unlike alchemy, there's no Sorcerer's Stone, no one size fits all to build the perfect startup team. Make one mistake, and you'll be probably watching it burn.

Don't be surprised! Team issues are one of the main causes of failure in the startup business.

Webinar's key points:

  1. Soft vs Hard Skills
  2. Fire in the Space: The appropriate Founder-Mindset
  3. Timing: Which Founder at what moment?
  4. Governance: Control vs Empowerment -> Hierarchy vs Network
  5. Using data instead of cash
  6. Time to scale: Know how vs training
  7. Resumèe: Governance pivot and Talent

About Mauro Maltagliati

In the last 20 years, Mauro Maltagliati worked with Antai Venture Builder and developed Startups as Groupon, Letsbonus, CornerJob with the classic Startup Studio Founder Model, developing General management, Fundraising, HR, Go-to-market and Scale-Up skills, especially for the e-commerce & marketplace space.

Tell us about your experiences in building the BEST TEAM.

About the Author

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