A New Challenge for Entrepreneurs and Investors: Let’s Turn Wicked Problems into Opportunities by Tom Higley

November 17, 2021

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The new world’s philosophy is all about transformation. We are transforming our minds, bodies and phenomenons and of course the world itself. And we want to believe that all the transformations are for a better cause. How are we changing our mindset? It’s said if it’s a loss, we shall consider it a well timed warning or an unnecessary burden which is out for good, if it’s bad weather, we shall stay at home and enjoy ourselves or beloved ones and so on and so forth.Now! Almost all the worldwide leaders and successful people vow in one voice that there are no challenges, instead only opportunities. And here we are, hosting one of the industry leaders at our next session at StudioHub – Tom Higley, Co-Founder and CEO of X Genesis.Tom believes that Entrepreneur success can and should mean more than cash-on-cash returns. Return on invested capital is vitally important for sustained growth, but entrepreneurs and the investors who support their ventures can and should aim higher.But most entrepreneurs lack an adequate due diligence process when investing their lives in their next venture. An appropriate focus on self reflection and discovery together with opportunity discovery creates enormous benefits for entrepreneurs and the investors that fund their companies.ABOUT OUR SPEAKERTom Higley has started nine ventures and returned over $1B to investors over his 25 years as an entrepreneur. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of X Genesis, a startup studio that challenges experienced entrepreneurs to turn wicked problems into opportunities. He has served as a mentor and advisor to hundreds of entrepreneurs.Tom has been a mentor in the Techstars program since its founding in 2006. He is an advisory board member of the Global Startup Studio Network (GSSN). He graduated from the University of Michigan and Harvard Law School. He also plays guitar and keyboards, devoting an inordinate amount of his time to writing music that most people will never hear.

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