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Webinar by: Successful Impact Venture Builders

Thursday 26th, January at 6 PM CET​

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The world is changing, and more people are becoming concerned about the challenges we will necessarily face in the near future, from climate change to social and economic injustices. Innovation is one of the crucial factors that is attempting to give some answers to these big questions. And impact startups have been a go-to way to bring this positive change everywhere.

As we all know, Startup Studios build startups. What happens when a Studio’s sole focus is on impact startups? Well, in these cases, an Impact Startup Studio is born. But how does this type of Startup Studio work and what advantages does it provide to making an impact? How are they choosing which battle to fight first? Our speakers will answer these and other questions at StudioHub’s next webinar.

The speakers are founders of Impact Startup Studios and will share their successful journeys and hopes for the future. We believe this is an important and exciting conversation to have, because venture builders, after all, are game changers and possess the necessary resources to transform the environment around them. Entrepreneurs, Innovators, specific industry experts and professionals, tech and business guys, are all there to provide solutions. And these solutions may be directed towards the greater impact.

Key Points

This webinar will help you understand:

✔️ What is an Impact Venture Building?

✔️ Why adopt a Startup Studio model with Impact Venture Building?

✔️ Specifics of Impact Studios: Industries, Financing, and Business Models

✔️ Who is benefiting from Impact Studios?

About the Speakers

Romain Diaz, founder & CEO at Satgana. Romain is a French-born entrepreneur with 10 years of experience starting, building, running, investing into, advising, and selling a range of companies with a focus on impact technology startups and emerging markets. Satgana is a Climate Tech VC firm using venture building methodologies to support startups at pre-seed stage in Europe and Africa.

Hannes Van den Eeckhout, founder of The Regeneration Fellowship. Hannes has 13 years of experience of working with smallholder farmers on the cross section of social entrepreneurship and food systems change in Latin America, Europe and East Africa. He is on a quest to combine the best of social entrepreneurship with the world of agroecology in a start-up studio approach to building truly regenerative food businesses. Starting in Uganda, he aims to contribute to accelerating this transition and strengthening the movement from within, one regenerative company at a time.

Elizabeth Whitlow's role as the Executive Director of the Regenerative Organic Alliance (ROA) is the culmination of over 20 years working in the field of organic agriculture. Whitlow began her career as an advocate for shade-grown, fair-trade, and organic coffee growers in Central America. Since then, she has worked across the spectrum of elevated certifications, both in farming and ranching, earning high-level placements with organizations such as CCOF and EarthClaims. She has also contributed to the brilliant work of organizations such as the Institute for Food & Development Policy, Sustainable Harvest, Coffee Kids, and the Mesoamerican Development Institute.

StudioHUB's next webinar

January’s digital session at StudioHub with Impact Venture Builders will help attendees explore the potential of impact startups and the social and economic value they can bring. It will give an insight into the opportunities and challenges of founding an Impact Startup Studio.The webinar will take place in the format of 45 minutes knowledge sharing session and 15 minutes of Q&A.The discussion will revolve around understanding the current situation of impact venture building and what we can expect from the future.

Impact Studios: Building Ventures for the Future” is a must-attend roundtable discussion to explore impact venture building.

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