Webinar – Learnings from the trenches by Leonard Bukenya

Webinar - Learnings from the trenches by Leonard Bukenya

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About the webinar

Crossing the market’s battlefield in search of opportunities is not the only way a Startup Studio can make its fortune and cover itself with glory.

Some skilled ones – sometimes authentic veterans, signed by many adventures – choose to put their expertise at service of Corporates.

But if you think this is just kind of an “easy road”… you’re mistaken.

Learnings from the trenches

Leonard Bukenya is partner @Aimforthemoon, a Startup Studio that helps corporates build a better future.

He has more than 15 years of experience in running his corporate ventures, being responsible for the innovation lab of the largest media company in the Netherlands and over the past four years helping companies building new businesses at startup speed.

In the next StudioHUB’s webinar, Leonard will share the most critical learnings he had in building ventures with corporate partners over the past eight years: from team to execution to governance.

Create energy by defining new realities

Leonard will also share where Aimforthemoon started and why it recently evolved to focusing more on United Impact by creating alliances and concentrating on creating businesses around the worlds most wicked problems. 

Aimforthemoon recently surveyed 300 business leaders and innovators on where they see their most significant challenges: Leonard will share the dilemmas they have and that we will face in the future.

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