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Startup Studio Summary

Founders Factory is an Accelerator Studio based in London, UK, started by Brent Hoberman and Henry Lane Fox. The Studio invests in startups to empower their growth. Founders Factory either works as a Studio and as an Accelerator. 

 As a Studio, by building (or help building) startups from scratch, based on opportunities that they identify in the market. Founders Factory takes care of all administrative overheads, acting as an umbrella company so the entrepreneur can focus on product & business, giving him an employment contract with the Studio until the point the new company is born. 

 As an Accelerator, collaborating with teams that are already "on to something", by putting on the table their team and investors to allow them to move faster. They use what they call an "unfair advantage" (market insights, relationships, purchasing power, data, distribution channels and capital) given by their corporate partners to boost the growth of the startups in which Founder Factory is investing. 

Founders Factory builds and scales early-stage technology companies across multiple sectors. As they say, they're going to "build and scale 200 early-stage technology companies across multiple sectors in the next five years". 

 Their goal is to develop 13 startups each year: the path includes validating new ideas, leveraging data, distribution and IP from their partners, then build founding teams. 

Studio Type: Accelerator Studio

Date Founded: 2015 


London, United Kingdom

Young St, Kensington, London W8 5EH, Regno Unito, London, United Kingdom


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