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Startup Studio Summary

As a idea factory, incubator and investor, Askeladden & Co identifies opportunities, develop concepts and scale up companies. 

Our sweet-spot is in traditional industries that - until now - have seen limited consolidation, limited innovation, too high prices and a customer journey that has been standing still since the 90s.

Askeladden & Co help entrepreneurs (Askeladder / Ash lads) succeed by mitigating the traditional risk factors one encounter when building a venture: funding access, low valuations and early dilution, limited experience and network, no salary and long timelines.

Date Founded: 2017


Oslo, Norway

Parkveien 12, 0350 Oslo, Norway, Oslo, Norway

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We take an active role in bringing together startup studios, in order to spread knowledge and best practices, discover unique opportunities for collaboration and internationalization, and engage investors and funders with the startup studio model.