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Startup Studio Summary

Antai is an international online and mobile venture builder. Our venture is to analyse the market in search of businesses with proven success, and once we identify them, we help them grow into other markets.

To make this possible, we select the best-prepared professionals and embark on a joint venture with them, accompanying them through a comprehensive service: business development, business intelligence, financial and legal advice, providing the means and the search for and hiring of the necessary personnel. This implication is what differentiates us from many other venture builders.

At Antai, our goal is to convert ourselves into the leading venture builder for digital businesses in Southern Europe and Latin America, launching companies with great agility and rapid scalability. The result? New companies that, due to their focus on business and the services that they offer the consumer, have an impact on society, changing the way that people consume and relate to each other.

Date Founded: 2012


Barcelona, Spain

Plaça de Pau Vila, 1, Barcellona, Spagna, Barcelona, Spain


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