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Startup Studio Summary

Since 2013 Aim for the moon has focused on growing a community of experienced entrepreneurs who always focus on big, future dreams and get things done today. From our community we build teams of entrepreneurial pioneers to create new business from scratch.

We are a different type of entrepreneur. We always work together with a corporate partner to create a new business from scratch outside of their core business. This way we create things that scale. We have worked with 150+ corporates. 

We build teams of entrepreneurs and innovators of corporates. Entrepreneurs with at least 5-10 years experience in building businesses. Intrapreneurs with direct access to the assets of a corporate. We turn ideas into new businesses with dedicated startup teams. 

By leveraging our community’s shared knowledge, network and execution power we can engage in several innovations simultaneously. We work together with a broad range of partners to get things done (technology, strategy, knowledge, marketing, media, legal, etc.). 

Date Founded: 2012


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Danzigerkade 8, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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