Webinar by: Successful Women in the venture building industry

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A Roundtable by: Successful Women in the venture building industry

About this event

Diversity is a necessary part of innovation. Bringing in different values and perspectives leads to getting out of your comfort zone, something that is fundamental when innovating. Research shows that startups with a more diverse launch team perform better every step of the way. 

In the startup studio ecosystem, the lack of diversity is an issue like it is everywhere else. Last year, in our annual data report on Startup Studios, we found out that the average gender balance across the industry is 38% women and 62% men. Based on our research, we expect an increase in gender balance, in the future. But how quickly this is going to happen is based on the collective effort of the industry.

In our upcoming session of the StudioHub webinar series, we invited female entrepreneurs who will talk us through their experiences in venture building. In a roundtable discussion, they’re going to showcase what it is like being a woman in an industry led by men, and their hopes for the future of the ecosystem. 

More than being an example of diversity in the industry our speakers lead Startup Studios which introduce inclusion and diversity in their ventures.

These women are changing the venture studio world. They tackle the lack of diversity in different ways, by being there as women and reminding everyone that “Hey, we’re here” or by helping BIPOC people who want to take part in venture building. 

Women are still underrepresented in ventures: be the change, or be witness to it. If you want to be part of this change, start by taking part in the next StudioHub session!


This webinar will help you understand:

Necessity of diversity in a startup studio

Challenges and advantages of having a women-led startup studio

Ways, methodologies and tools of introducing diversity into a Startup Studio

Why should investors and founders care about diversity?


Women in the venture building industry will be having an open discussion at our next session

Sunny Shuoyang Zhang, Founder and General Partner at Born Global Ventures. Headquartered in Houston, the most diverse city in the United States, Born Global Ventures provide financial capital, intellectual capital, human capital, and social capital for resilient immigrant founders to build born global startups reshaping the world. 

Sharon Klaver, MD and partner at Builders. Sharon is an entrepreneur at heart dedicated to bringing together like-minded people to build value-driven software companies at a global scale. Sharon founded her first online company when she was 16 years old. Later, she founded, funded and managed several software companies. Throughout her career in fashion and software, Sharon has developed in-depth operational and financial leadership experience.

Charlotte Wieder, Lead Venture Builder at Innov’X in Morocco.  She is a Doctor in Industrial Engineering, with 18 years of international experience in industry, consulting and not-for-profit oriented organizations. She loves to work in a pioneer mode, strategically exploring and making possible innovations & growth opportunities with an entrepreneurial mindset.

StudioHUB's next webinar

May’s digital session at StudioHub with women venture builders will help attendees understand the experiences of non mainstream teams and trends in the startup studio ecosystem such as women in Innovation. It will cover their entrepreneurial stories, by also exploring the advantages for everyone who is in a more diverse environment.

The webinar will take place in the format of 30 minutes knowledge sharing session and 30 minutes Q&A.

The discussion will revolve around having a minority representation within the startup studio ecosystem, its challenges and advantages.



Women in Venture Building – Diversity for Empowerment” is a must-attend roundtable discussion to understand how diversity is changing venture building and how you can learn from this change. 

If you want to find out more about the experiences of women in Venture Studios, you are in the right place: join us by filling out the form below.

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