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Warrigal is an innovation studio based in Luxembourg. We are strongly influenced by the startup studio model, but we work a bit differently. We pool our skills with innovation as a value - as a startup studio we create our startups, as a startup agency, we work with other startups, and as an innovation center, we share our innovation practices to foster intrapreneurship in companies. The startups we develop as a startup studio create knowledge for our clients. The MVPS and continuous development that we realize for our innovators allow us to create our startups. The relationship between the two aspects of our studio innovation is very strong, they can not exist without each other. At Warrigal, with our clients' projects and projects launched from scratch every year, business model, Lean Canvas, product, design, marketing must be continuously designed and implemented. Since we must move fast and well, we share all our teachings and we do not hesitate to question the rules when necessary. When it comes to innovating, there are no limits.

Studio type: Other

Date Founded: 2018





9 Rue du Laboratoire, 1911 Luxembourg

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