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Mamazen is a Venture Builder. We build ventures by bringing ideas to life. A deep market knowledge, comprehensive analysis and standardized processes allow our seasoned entrepreneurs to re-define the way to built startups. At Mamazen, we developed our “Secret formula” in order to create successful startups. We analyze and generate over 10 ideas to meet the market needs. We investigate the leading ideas and select ones with the best market fit. We re-define the winning concept and create an MVP. We validate the various business and marketing channels through the MVP. We find a co-founder, hire a management team, and form an independent company. We raise funds to grow the company and provide advisory services until exit. Our final goal is increase companies' success rate and mitigate the risk of failure.

Studio type: Startup Studio

Date Founded: 2017




Via Bossolasco, 11, Torino, TO, Italia

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