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We've made a very clear choice to neither be a venture capital fund, nor incubator or accelerator. We like to see ourselves as a laboratory for company building, working in a collaborative environment which allows ideas to grow. We invest corporate capital to support building ideas, projects and products but our most important differentiator is that we build our own ideas. It was a clear choice right from the start to combine our venture capital with our entrepreneurial experience. We focus on two segments at this time: FinTech and Logistics. In both segments we build digital products and offer services accessible online. It remains essential that we can quickly prototype and test products as well as achieve product / market fit in the near term. We don't just think about products and prepare slide presentations. We build products and services and scale companies around them. Our investor is a large financial services company with years of success and vision for tomorrow. It gives us access to know-how, marketing channels, capital and a constant feedback loop which is critical for success. If our product can't quickly stand on its own legs, we'll move on to the next challenge.

Studio type: Corporate Model

Date Founded: 2012




Poststraße 12, 20354 Hamburg, Germany

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