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Hola'Up is a Startup Studio based in Valbonne, France. Our playground is innovation in every field of human activity: from educational virtual reality to insurances, to social networks and so on. Startup business is changing the world, and Hola'Up wants a role in the play: in just few years of activity, we either built startups that matter and helped other companies in building theirs, through corporate innovation processes. Our vocation is twofold: Create our startups and create your startups. BUILDING | Our model allows us to build and develop startups projects based on internal ideation and also support companies to accelerate their innovation through Hola'Up Excubation program. We follow the startup building process from ideation to product, and from product to business: they craft the necessary elements to allow the evaluation of ideas and their presentation to the market, then validate the traction and feasibility of the idea as well as the essential elements for market. Then, we create and deploy an MVP integrating the processes to treat the customer relationship, the operational and legal needs. We provide growth hacking and market traction assessment to fuel KPIs and forge commercial and financial partnerships. Finally, Hola'Up supports pitch deck and business plan optimization for presentation to public and private investors to raise the funds needed for growth. ACCELERATING | Hola'Up also accelerates corporate innovation: our team helps corporates quickly assess the strengths within the startups' ecosystem and deploy a pragmatic, ambitious innovation process in line with their ISO approach. Then the Studio creates internal startups boosted by the DNA of its clients and teams guided by experts in digital creation. Studio Type: Venture Builder, Corporate Studio, Racer Studio Date Founded: 2018 Industry Focus: Insurtech, Fintech, Corporate SaaS solutions, Automotive Market Focus: France, EU countries, Hong Kong, Singapore

Studio type: Operator Model

Date Founded: 2018





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