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Heas Studio is a creator of projects around health and well-being. We create projects to improve access to care and improve the experience of patients and healthcare professionals. The issues on which we intervene as a priority are the development of new care practices, the organization between health actors, prevention in the context of chronic diseases, the improvement of practices related to our food and more generally all that can help improve our health and well-being. We are inventing new relationships between health actors, creating new organizations by improving the experience of the actors and investing new spaces. We believe that the best way to transform an organization is to create a new one. Time and money are two precious resources that we know how to continuously optimize in a radical execution model. Our startups prioritize the quality of the user experience and the construction of a scalable business model.

Studio type: Operator Model

Date Founded: 2018





Rue de la Mabilais,2


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