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Hanse Ventures is a company builder in Hamburg. The start-up incubator develops its own Internet and mobile business concepts and implements these with suitable founder teams. As an institutional co-founder, Hanse Ventures accelerates the growth of its start-ups using tailored resources. These include product development and design, as well as human resources, business intelligence, online marketing and a high-profile network of investors and business partners. We do not pursue specific themes, but are extremely interested in dull, complex niches that are preferably as yet unaffected by the efficiency of the Internet. Once we have found such a market segment, it is our declared intention to become the category leader. We respect no geographic boundaries and establish companies that are both nationally and internationally active. We are also interested in ideas and start-ups that are less developed, i.e. we want to be involved from the outset, in order to gain an insight into and help shape concepts as early as possible. We always welcome potential founders – with or without an idea – as well as those who have exciting ideas, but who cannot or do not want to implement these themselves.

Studio type: Operator Model

Date Founded: 2010





Hanse Ventures BSJ GmbH Am Sandtorkai 71 D-20457


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