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Finleap is a company builder for fintech companies. We are passionate about building technology companies for the banking, insurance and asset management industries. With our exclusive focus on the financial services sector, we have developed deep expertise in addressing customers’ financial needs in this digital age. We build technology companies tailoring holistic financial and business solutions to customer groups in a specific context of life or industry. Leveraging the comprehensive set of financial solutions in our ecosystem, finleap creates superior value propositions which enable consumers and SMEs to manage their finances in an easy and tailored way. After having launched a significant number of leading fintechs on our own, we expanded our focus to building companies in partnerships with category leaders of various industries. With this approach we bring corporate innovation to a success by hiring the best team and quickly launching the first product. We iterate the business model until we jointly find the ideal product-market fit to successfully scale the business.

Studio type: Operator Model

Date Founded: 2014




Hardenbergstraße 32

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