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App'n'roll is a Venture Builder made in Warsaw, Poland. As the name suggests, App'n'Roll rocks the startup business by developing user-friendly products from A to Z and supporting startups with business modelling and scaling up. Sounds good, huh? As proof of effectiveness, App'n'roll successfully built and scaled global businesses: the Ventur Builder is specialized in mobile app and web development, UX/UI design, infrastructure, hardware and IoT. App'n'roll experience covers Fintech, Medtech, eCommerce, Autotech, Edutech, as well as building and maintaining large communities of up to 8m users within these industries. Their apps achieved top positions on both the App Store and Google Play. App'n'roll portfolio features projects as: Vooom, an app helping people to get around the city quickly and efficiently; Zuper, that allows people to manage all their bank accounts with one app; Dongiving, an online platform encouraging people to help others by donating to NPO causes.

Studio type: Operator Model

Date Founded: 2012




Jana Czeczota 9, 01-001

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