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Angry Ventures is a Venture Studio based in Lisbon, Portugal: their mission is to build, fund and help the growth of remarkable and disruptive startups to make a difference. Through "technology and a bullshit-free approach", this Venture Studio creates tech products, designs human experiences, builds full-stack digital strategies for businesses and supports new ventures with investment or consultancy. This Venture Studio implemented a fully transparent, integrated methodology that includes areas such as UX/UI, Design, Digital Marketing, Business, and Software Development. Angry Ventures is all about sharing knowledge and experiences: so they formed a team of people who want to play their part and, united, they are building startups that will improve someone's life. As the Studio's motto says: "Together, let's make a difference!" During the time, Angry Ventures created, developed and validated long and short term projects such as: an online directory that helps parents to find the best school for their kids; ALICE: a customized URL shortener that allows you to shrink any link using your company domain; Walt: an email automation tool that enables people to create, send out and manage marketing campaigns. Once launched, each project of this Venture Studio is still subject to iteration and constant improvement. But building startups isn't the only thing they do: Angry Ventures also helps others developing their own worthful projects and ideas. And sometimes, when they discover some outstanding startups, those with an original concept and the will to make a difference, the Studio invest in them.

Studio type: Operator Model

Date Founded: 2014




Rua Santo Amaro, 17A - 1200-803

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