Thinking out loud around the Startup Studio Model

Recently on StudioHub we hosted a Webinar on Prototyping by Alex Maleki, managing director @Idealab. To say the webinar was incredible would be an understatement. Alex has slightly opened for us a few secret doors behind the idea generation process. The time was running too fast to explore each “room” but the view was captivating.

What does a healthy man or woman do during the nighttime?” That’s right! He/she thinks! 

There’s so much “wasted” thinking in our lives and It consumes hell of energy!

Startup Studio is probably one of the last environments engaging high levels of thinking, idea generation and execution.

The point I’m trying to make is not around ideas! Venture Builders are all about deep market analysis, testing and perfect execution.

Ideas are floating. Learn how to get them to the ground with Alex.



Manush Melkumyan

Manush is currently the Executive Partner at StudioHub. Prior to this, she has been working in the top management in the Corporate and earlier in the Public sectors with 10+ years of engagement within the Startup ecosystem as an entrepreneur, mentor and consultant. “Life more than anything amazes me and I aspire to animate everything around!” M.

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