The Value of

Startup Studios for Emerging Founders

Webinar by: Craig Kronenberger, founder of Stripe Theory,
editor of Startup Studio Insider

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The Value of

Startup Studios for Emerging Founders

Webinar by: Craig Kronenberger
Founder of Stripe, editor of Startup Studio Insider

About this webinar

Innovation, skyrocketing to the moon, scaleup, funding rounds and king deals, unicorns, triumphant exits, securing A talent, leadership – these and more buzzwords are what we – founders and entrepreneurs worldwide strive to achieve. But how all of this is relevant to Startup Studios, and how can we succeed in succeeding in them?

StudioHub is inviting everyone interested in mastering venture building to its next webinar. During this mind-blowing session, master in building startups will expound on the aspects that may help anyone scale up their entrepreneurial skills and achieve lifelong aspirations in business. After all, who is behind building the ventures that can become shining stars or fade as if they never existed? That’s right, YOU! If… if you spot the right opportunity and know how to do it right.

Lessons learned from Craig Kronenberger, founder of 5 startups as well as digital marketing & communication expert, on what are the key factors that make startups succeed (or fail) in today’s modern era.

As a serial entrepreneur and a successful businessman, Craig will talk about his interest in startup studios, how he got involved, and why he sees Startup Studios as the top environments for the next generation of startups.


This webinar will help you understand:

Craig’s career in the startup industry (5 startups launched up to date) and the many challenges that he has faced throughout different stages up until discovering startup studios as a viable solution for ventures to launch their ideas

The expertise he has acquired over time has allowed him to see how startup funding and partnerships have evolved and how startup studios have become a dynamic and innovative offering for the future.

The changes that the pandemic has brought to the venture environment.


Craig Kronenberger

Craig Kronenberger has over twenty years of experience as a consumer digital strategist with a concentration in global strategy, new product launches, brands and direct marketing, and consumer relationship marketing for Fortune 500 and growth organizations.

Currently the CEO and founder of Stripe Theory, a data-fueled digital agency established in 2015 with operations based in Atlanta and The Philippines. Stripe Theory was most recently acquired by Acceleration Community of Agencies (ACC) to continue its ever-growing success in implementing deep expertise in data analytics to drive relevant, cost-effective, and impactful marketing results for clients like Amazon, Nissan, and Facebook, among others. 

Built and developed a total of five companies from the ground up in various industries including online digital marketing and public relations, animation, and digital entertainment – three of which were successfully acquired with the most recent one in 2020 with Stripe Theory.

StudioHUB's next webinar

November’s digital session at StudioHub with one of the coolest founders in the digital world will help attendees understand the benefits of the Startup Studio Model. The Startup Studio is a favorable platform both for experienced entrepreneurs to realize their ambitions of adding more value with their existing capital and resources as well as helping emerging founders establish their path towards bigger achievements.

The webinar will take place in the format of 30 minutes knowledge sharing session and 30 minutes Q&A.

Highlighting the main advantages of this venture building model the discussion will revolve around the efficiency of Startup Studio Model.

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“The Value of Startup Studios for Emerging Founders” is a valuable webinar for the founders and entrepreneurs who want to create the best value for the market maximizing efficiency of their Business Model.

Eager to learn how to create fortunate startups within a Startup Studio logic and how will it help you get in the quickest and most effective way the fruitful harvest you envision? Then hurry up to register and save the date in your calendar!

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